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The Pink Luck Bracelet

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The Pink Luck Bracelet 

The most powerful pink power that provides blessings as follows:

The Pink Cat's Eye helps those who are looking for love immensely. It helps in making your Sun stronger—thereby, rendering more appeal in you. This naturally increases the confidence you possess. 

 This helps you take a clearer stand with love and commitment too.

In terms of health too, the pink sapphire actually aids with digestive troubles. The stone curbs issues arising out of a weak body heath system. Pink sapphires are cherished gemstones that deserve much respect. Thanks to so many properties and healing abilities, a professional astrologer often prescribes the same, if found suitable for an individual.

  • Creates good luck in love and relationships,
  • Generates good luck among spouses and strengthens the relationship and bond.
  • Enhances wealth and riches,
  • Protects individuals and building positive energies. 


Those who suffer from depression can benefit hugely from wearing pink cat's eye. The issues with temperament, mood, and anger can be curtailed with the pink luck bracelet. 

- Bead diameter: 10 mm
- Dimension: One size fits all
- Material: Pink Cat's Eye Stone