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Triple Protection Bracelet - Tiger Eye, Obsidian, Hematite

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Triple Protection Bracelet 

  • 3 protective stones in 1. Triple the protection against negative energies. 
  • Black obsidian beads. Shields you from negative energy, powers and misfortune. 
  • Tiger’s eye beads. Protects you from malicious intentions and the Evil Eye. 
  • Hematite beads. Transforms unwanted energy into a positive ones.


Three Most Protective Stones Combined

Every day, you get exposed to negative vibrations that can harm your spiritual energy. This bracelet provides layers of protection against misfortune, negative behaviors, and ill intentions and countless benefits as its a combination of 3 powerful stones

Black obsidian is a stone that protects you from shadow traits like violence, addiction, and anger. It frees your body from negative behaviors and shields you from individuals who deplete your energy. The stone is also used to drive away bad luck and misfortune. Its considered to attract wealth and good luck. 

Tiger eye shields you from the malicious intent of anyone who is trying to create negativity around you. It inspires clear thinking so you can see through the intentions of the people around you. It is also used to ward off the Evil Eye, a curse made through a malevolent glare that can inflict harm you.

Hematite is a grounding stone that works with the root chakra to transform unwanted energy into positive vibrations. It protects you from tension and safeguards your emotional and spiritual well-being. A perfect stone for all ages and gender.


- Dimension: One size fits all, Bead Diameter: 10 mm
- Material: Tiger Eye, Obsidian, Hematite