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Moissanite Eternity 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Moissanite Eternity 925 Sterling Silver B R A C E L E T

Some people say Moissanite is a diamond look-alike.  Properly cut by jewelers, Moissanite has unbelievable fire and brilliance that exceeds that of a diamond.

It exceeds any known gemstone or other man-made material. It’s only natural that people want to compare Moissanite to a diamond, which has been the gemstone equated with the most beauty. Seeing is believing. Without special instruments, most gemologists cannot tell the difference between a diamond & Moissanite.

But seeing the sparkle and shine of a Moissanite makes even the most seasoned jewelers. That sparkle, however, is just the beginning of understanding its beauty. 

To get more info about Moissanite, we have created a chart to help you compare to other more familiar gemstones.

Made, Designed and Crafted in Austria. 
Length Adjustable Size. Fits all. 

Handcrafted unique designs.