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Sandalwood Tibetan Wooden Prayer Beads

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Sandalwood Tibetan Wooden Prayer Beads

Made with natural wood 108 beads prayer rosary. 

The spiritual practices of the Indian and Buddhist peoples employ sandalwood in a variety of ways. It is regarded as advantageous for meditation as well as for soothing and concentrating the human mind. It is burned as incense on altars or in temples to provide as a reminder of the perfumed heavenly realms.

Many religions hold the number 108 in high regard. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas or rosaries typically have 108 beads in addition to the guru bead, representing the 108 volumes of the Buddha's teachings known as the Kangyur in Tibetan.

The USA (California) is where our malas are created and blessed with the rituals on the Tibetan singing bowl. They are an excellent tool for anyone who engages in religious activities like mantra chanting or meditation. It promotes inner tranquility, peace, and contentment. They help you stay concentrated and avoid distractions. Monks all across the world and in different parts of Asia utilize these kinds of beads. 108+1 beads are used for mantra chanting, yoga, and Zen meditation.

It can be used by male or female 18 and above. Can also be worn as a bracelet. 


- Bead diameter: 8 mm / Length 70 cm 
- Dimension: One size / Beads 108 / Material - Wood